Research and Development
Based at Ahmedabad (India), Ishita API’s strength is in its state of the art R&D capabilities. Innovative process development is the foundation of Ishita’s success. Our team of highly qualified R&D experts in process research and technology development work relentlessly on inventing new non-infringing processes. Our main focus is developing novel innovative processes for known molecules. Our dedicated and hardworking teams are constantly seeking cost-effective ways of developing products. This has resulted in timely delivery of products with world-class quality at competitive prices and thereby enabling us to provide better services to our customers. Ishita’s topmost priority is providing world-class quality products and our scientists spare no efforts towards that end. We ensure cost competitiveness by applying progressive technologies and processes in development and production. Synthesis route selection, process development and validation studies are carried out in our labs with capacities ranging from milligram to kilograms. Pilot plants are equipped for engineering, quality and commercial scale-up studies. Our QA team is involved in every step of the process to ensure that the current GMP standards are met.
Custom Synthesis + Process development
Custom Synthesis projects begin with a customer’s requirement for a specific organic molecule. The project starts with a basic literature search to devise a route of synthesis or based on literature or information already available with the customer.

As a part of the process development, we attempt to devise an efficient scheme for synthesis if the requirement is in large quantities. For smaller quantities, process optimization is not undertaken to enable quicker & faster delivery of the target molecule.

Once the product is developed & validated by the customer, the process is fixed & synthesis is started.We can prepare material from gram level to kilo level & up to 100 kg lots in production after conducting proper scale up studies in our multipurpose versatile facility.

Ishita API guarantees complete secrecy of projects developed & if required can enter into confidential agreements. Projects developed under such agreements are not advertised or listed in any of our catalogues (mentioned in our product list).

Our capabilities in organic chemistry enable us to design multistep synthesis and achieve final results at an affordable price.

We look forward to developing a long term association with our customers & become an extension of their team who look to us for outsourcing their custom synthesis needs.