1 Innovation to be the right partner

Projects Done

Project 1: We have developed bio active material by extraction method and have also completed lab and pilot scale extractions of active compounds from biomaterial. Our scientists have also conducted a novel extraction methodology which is tailored to be clean tech, economically and technologically simple for large scale extraction.

Project 2: We have synthesized new routes with cost effectiveness and commercially viable process for number of API’s. We can also offer prompt quotations, very competitive prices, high quality products and fast delivery for customer synthesis projects. Our customers include established Pharmaceutical companies, Biotech and Drug discovery companies, Research Institutions and Chemical Distributors.

Project 3: Ishita API has also synthesized the organic APIs impurity along with analysis and characterization data. Recently we have also prepared impurities of nimesulide and presently we are working on other three products to synthesize the possible organic impurities as per desired route of synthesis and listed in pharma copeia IP/BP/USP.

Project 4: Respect for environment – We continuously work to reduce pollution and find effective routes to deal with the pollution. We also design different routes for the same product to reduce pollution